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Down Under Toothpick

Knive & Sværd
Toothpick - by Down Under Knives

Original Information by Downunder Knives:
Now here's something a bit special: with a nice range of hunting knives and quick, agile fighting blades already in production, we set out to prove that size and finesse aren't mutually exclusive. To us, nothing says it better than James Black's ageless Arkansas toothpick designs - dedicated fighting knives with unparalleled reach and destructive potential, while sacrificing nothing in speed, utility and precision.

We took the basic concept and gave it our trademark touch of classic styling and modern durability, with rust resistant materials and tough leather that feels as good as it looks. This isn't a replacement for a crowbar or an axe - it's a purebred fighting knife with the heft to get stuff done and the balance to make that weight all but disappear in your hands when you pick it up. We didn't want to go overboard with cutting edges five inches off the centerline and sharp corners all over the place, opting instead for a classic style that feels like it was molded to your hand and gives no surprises when you connect with something. For a finishing touch, we gave it an extra large, distinctively styled handguard and ricasso that give you real options between extreme reach and maximum agility. And when we say extreme, we kinda mean it. With an overall length of a whopping 16 1/4", the next step up would be a short sword.

Delivered with an antique look black-brown scabbard with classic old western style floral pattern, this knife proudly shows off its heritage and won't look out of place on any old west aficionado's gunbelt or as part of a modern hunter's toolkit.

Overall length: 413 mm - 16 1/4"
Blade length: 285mm - 11 1/4"
Width: 44mm - 1.7"
Blade Thickness: 5,5mm - 0.216"
Weight: 630g - 22.223 oz
440C Heat Treated Stainless Steel, solid brass guard and pommel, genuine leather handle and sheath.
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