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Down Under Bushmate

Knive & Sværd
The Bushmate™ - von Down Under Knives

Original information published by Down Under Knives:

With the large and extra large hunting knives firmly covered, we turned our attention to detail work. There's a lot to be said for bringing enough knife for the job, but sometimes there's no substitute for the precision of a moderately sized blade that doesn't extend too far from your grip. We feel this type of knife is all about finesse and control, so we gave it just that: an unshiftable grip and plenty of surface for your thumb and index finger to keep the knife exactly where you want it. Coupled with a classic, proven blade design and gently curving, tapered back for extra smooth gliding properties this knife doesn't just feel like an extension - it feels like a natural part of your hand.

The rigid leather sheath ensures smooth one-handed retrieval and stowing, and places the knife at a natural height where it can ride all day long with perfect comfort. Classic decorative braiding, antique finish and embossed BM logo complete the style to make an ageless package you can wear with pride in any hunting party.

Overall length: 220mm - 8 1/2"
Blade length: 100mm - 4"
Width: 44mm - 1.7"
Blade Thickness: 5,5mm - 0.216"
Weight: 360g - 22.223 oz
440C Heat Treated Stainless Steel, solid brass guard and pommel, genuine leather handle and sheath.
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